David Sirbiladze
David Sirbiladze

About Artist

1998 – 2004 Studies at the “Tbilisi State Academy of Arts”, (With Honors)
( Degree of Master )

Special training and skills
2014 “Art House” Director. Sculptor, Designer.
2005 – 2006 Teacher at the "St. George "Art School, Tbilisi, Georgia
2010 Member of Georgian Artists Association


Additional qualifications
Works in: Stone, Wood, Metal, Clay, polyester fiberglass, Artificial Marble.
Computer programs: 3D Design And 2D Design Programs
Languages: Georgian, Russian, German, English


2002 Exhibition in Berlin, Germany
2002 Symposium & Exhibition in Munich, Germany
2003 Exhibition in the "Münchner Künstlerhaus", Germany
2004 Symposium & Exhibition in Achalqalaqi, Georgia
2006 Exhibition in Tbilisi, Geogien
2008 Symposium & Exhibition in Erwitte, Germany
2009 Exhibition in Qarvasla, Tbilisi, Geogien
2010 Exhibition in Qarvasla, Tbilisi, Georgia
2012 Exhibition in Tbilisi "Four seasons"

1017 Symposium in France.  "Birth"

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Symposium in France

2017            "Birth" 

Symposium in Germany

2008       "Peace for all" 

Symposium in Georgia

2004  "life of the Human"

Symposium in Germany


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